Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Telecoms Board

Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Telecoms Board

Europacable: choose quality for Europe’s infrastructure

At the FTTH Conference held in Luxembourg on 17/18 February 2016, Europacable Telecoms Board Chairman Philippe Vanhille was interviewed on the importance of high quality cables for Europe's future.

“Our association wants to make sure the right choices are made, when it comes to Europe’s infrastructure. Especially when it comes to rolling out broadband networks. Quality is a big issue here. As a region we are investing substantial amounts of public and private money to build the infrastructure for the future. This will form the backbone of Europe's future Digital Single Market and would be a pity not to do it right.”


Win-win situation


“That means carefully considering the quality of what we are putting into the ground. Not only cables, but connectors and active equipment too. The passive side of the network must be of high quality for it to be long-lasting. What we want to build is an infrastructure for Europe that will remain in place for twenty or thirty years.”


“There are enough innovative systems available to make investing in a high-quality total solution less expensive than simply buying the cheapest materials on the market. Cable and passive equipment are just 10% of the entire investment. If choosing wisely helps reduce CAPEX, then it’s a win-win situation with regards to both quality and cost.”


Watch the full interview here.

In NExsT issue 4 2015, we explained how Prysmian Group strongly endorses the Europacable Industry Charter. This expresses a collective commitment to ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables development and manufacturing.

The Europacable association is the voice of Europe’s passive cable and networking equipment industry leaders. Together, these companies employ some 70,000 people worldwide, more than half of them in Europe, and have a € 20 bn Euro turnover. This industry is also one of the few in which Europe is a worldwide leader.



Europacable represents the wire and cable industry in EU policy debates as trusted source of technical information on wire and cable products, actively engaged in standardization processes and committed to increase the visibility of the European wire and cable industry. Its members include the largest cable makers in the world, providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe. Members’ product scope covers the full range of energy and communication cables. Europacable is listed in the European Commission’s transparency register under 453103789-92 and the organization is a CENELEC partner.

The Europacable Industry Charter
Signatories are committed to continuous achievement in the following areas:
1. Product compliance and innovation
2. Business ethics and social responsibility
3. Health and Safety
4. Environment and climate change