Dear Reader,


We’re proud to present you with this issue of NExsT magazine, Prysmian’s publication on the worlds of broadband and telecom. This edition is the first in our second year as a digital magazine – how time flies!


Prysmian Group is, once again, very proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the FTTH Council Europe Conference, the world’s largest Fibre to the Home event. In this issue, you will find interviews with Keynote Speaker Ruud Hendriks, Dutch entrepreneurial icon and co-founder of Startupbootcamp, the leading start-up accelerator outside the US. We’ll also be looking at the FTTH Council Europe’s research into fibre project costing accuracy, as well as rollout in different European countries: France, Finland and the Netherlands.


This issue also contains features on exciting new projects in Australia and Africa which Prysmian has supported, as well as new technologies: fibre-based artificial brains and 400 Gb/s transmission. As ever, we’re interested in your feedback, suggestions, questions and opinions. So if there’s anything you’d like to share with us, please contact us at [email protected].