Ruud Hendriks, co-founder of Startupbootcamp and FTTH Council Conference keynote

Ruud Hendriks, co-founder of Startupbootcamp and FTTH Council Conference keynote

Calling for a brighter future

Dutch Entrepreneurial Icon Ruud Hendriks, international speaker and co-founder of Startupbootcamp, the leading start-up accelerator outside the US, is keynote speaker at the FTTH Conference 2016.

"I'm really looking forward to inspiring the FTTH Conference audience with my learnings from the 15,000 start-ups that apply for Startupbootcamp every year. We cannot only forecast where the tech industry is heading, but we also see how important the fast rollout of fibre is for the future European economy. There are plenty of examples of entrepreneurs and new businesses that have achieved success thanks to ultra-high speed fibre based infrastructure. This number is continuing to grow every day. Fibre to the home can enable the services of tomorrow and create a better world.”


New generations of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs need a reliable, high capacity and future-proof telecom infrastructure based on fibre. How can our economy benefit from FTTH? What kind of innovation do faster networks enable?


“We’re seeing a global technology-enabled entrepreneurial revolution. Over the last decade it has become easier to start your own business. More and more software has become available that allows you to perform tasks that once required hardware. Marketing costs are now far lower thanks to free tools and social networks. Small start-ups are capable of moving more rapidly than large firms and making changes to their business model. It is also a matter of courage. Fortunately, there are large enterprises who realize that.”










What are the next developments that will be, in part, driven by next-generation networks?


"Video is already a vital driver for broadband. BBC 3 has announced it will become a full-fledged Internet channel and no longer position itself as a regular television channel. Social media and especially social networks will continue to grow tremendously. Especially ‘niche’ social networks, for example a platform connecting senior business executives, musicians or accountants. And, of course, the Internet of Things will play a very big role in the near future.”


About Ruud Hendriks

After studying journalism Ruud Hendriks (1959) started a successful career in media as a DJ on board legendary pirate station Radio Caroline. Ruud is a co-founder of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and Startupbootcamp Global, which accelerates startups in 10- countries in 12 cities with the help of renowned mentors. He also co-founded Innoleaps, Startupbootcamp’s sister company, accelerating corporates instead of Startups.


About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators. Startups are given direct access to an international network of the most relevant partners, investors and mentors in their sector. Each year, Startupbootcamp runs industry-focused programs in more countries than any other accelerator in the world. All programs are located in global innovation hubs where startups spend three months meeting the top mentors, investors and partners in their industry from over 30 countries.