The Australian Prysmian team

The Australian Prysmian team

Australian Nbn ‘Supplier Of The Year’ Award For Prysmian

Prysmian has been named Supplier of the Year 2015 to the Australian national broadband network (nbn) project. The award was announced at nbn’s annual Strategic Supplier Summit in September 2015.

Particularly proud


Prysmian has been a primary partner to this landmark project from the beginning, supplying the key optical and metallic cables that are the veins of this enormous undertaking. With the need for short lead times, responsiveness to sudden changes and ongoing cable optimisation, Prysmian's design and manufacturing facility in the Sydney suburb of Dee Why has been strategic to the success of the project. This strategy to make locally, coupled with the outstanding performance of Prysmian's nbn teams across the business, resulted in Prysmian being named nbn's Supplier of the Year for 2015. “We are particularly proud of this award,” says Danny Doyle, Prysmian Commercial Manager Telecom - Australia and New Zealand. “The companies involved in building the nbn are the best in the world, and it is from this field that Prysmian has won this award.”


Good example


“It has been our responsiveness to the ramp-up in 2014, our continuous support in research and development and the close working connection our Production and Commercial teams that have allowed us to react quickly to the increasing nbn rollout demands”, said Frederick Persson, Prysmian Australia CEO. On November 1, 2014, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited the Dee Why factory. Fabio Romeo, Prysmian Group Strategy Officer and Board member, also present, called the Australian Government’s choice to build a national broadband network “a good example for Europe.”


The project is being funded by the Australian Federal Government to a cap of A$29.5 Billion, with additional cost to be raised from private sector sources such as banks, bond raisings and international markets.The project involves a mix of technologies. Satellite, fixed wireless, HFC, FTTN and FTTP, leveraging best fit solutions for each area of construction. nbn’s goal is for all Australians to have access to a service that provides 25 mb/s downstream, and 90% of fixed line customers to receive a service of 50 mb/s downstream by 2020.




The National Broadband Network (nbn)

The (nbn) is a wholesale-only, open-access data network under development in Australia. Fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure will lead to faster and more reliable broadband across the nation. Fixed line and wireless broadband connections are sold to retail service providers (RSPs), who sell Internet access and other services to consumers.