BendBright XS Whitepaper

Conclusion Global connectivity is of critical economic and social importance. Network operators must act today to support the worldwide demand of tomorrow. At Prysmian, we developed access network optimised cable systems built on BendBright XS fibre technology so we could provide a scalable solution for our customers: one that’s high-density, physically compact, and easily deployable for a future-fit solution. Prysmian has a reputation for developing and manufacturing world-leading optical fibre and fibre cables. We’ve partnered with major telecoms operators, cable TV operators and Over-the-Top service providers across the world, supplying themwith the perfect cabling solutions for their needs. Ready to power the world of tomorrow, today? Prysmian Group Via Chiese 6, 20126 –Milan, Italy T +39 02 64491 [email protected] Followus USA T +1 828 459 8441 ROW T +31 (0)88 808 4200