Innovation that change the world

Innovation that change the world

Prysmian believes that continuously promoting innovation and development of new products with a reduced environmental impact is the best way to guarantee economic sustainability over the long term and thus accompany economies and communities on a durable growth path.

As a global leader in its industry, Prysmian is committed to innovating and generating higher value for its customers, particularly through developing new products and systems with a lower environmental impact, even in those sectors where products are largely standardised.

This commitment stems from the conviction that this is “the best way to guarantee economic sustainability over the long term”, as stated by Marcelo Andrade, Senior Vice President of R&D. He explains that development projects seek to achieve three main objectives: increasing the efficiency and reliability of our finished products; lowering energy and power losses, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of electricity and water during production processes.

Sustainability at Prysmian is not only a prerogative for research and development in the more developed countries, but also in the emerging ones, as investment in sustainable innovation helps to lower risk in places where energy costs are rising and access to energy sources remains unstable.

In addition, our engineers employ advanced tools to validate the performance of our cables and simulate applications, even before any prototypes are made. This process helps to maximise the efficiency of laboratory time, by avoiding unnecessary repetitions for example, and therefore reduces the consumption of materials and energy.

Andrade reveals: “Research, development and an inventive mindset lie at the heart of success in providing customers with technologically innovative, safe and sustainable solutions at increasingly competitive costs. When it comes to R&D, we’re committed to being the industry leader”. In Prysmian’s vision, what is earnt today shapes the supply of energy and information tomorrow, for customers, individuals and communities around the globe. “We work at improving sustainability, towards a better world for all”, as Andrade concludes.

An enduring commitment to R&D

Prysmian’s investments in research, development and innovation during 2017 totalled around €84 million, confirming our continual commitment   and   focus   on sustainable growth over the long term.  In 2017, the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced the finalisation of a loan for €110 million to fund the Group's European R&D programmes over the period 2017-2020. Also, thanks to EIB financing, we have been able to step up our level of investment, with cable technology proving it can make a decisive contribution to the challenges of digitalisation and the development of more efficient and environmentally sustainable power grids.

Sustainability, a driver for growth

The economic value generated by Prysmian in 2017 amounted to €7,866 million from €7,480 million in 2016. The Group has continued to devote ever more attention to corporate social responsibility, aligning our Sustainable Development Strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, setting measurable sustainability targets to be achieved by 2020.

In 2017, Prysmian confirmed for the second year its inclusion in the prestigious Carbon Clean 200 Report™ as the only Italian firm present and ranked 58th.

Investing into human capital

In 2017, a number of initiatives were designed and implemented to position the Group as ‘employer of choice’ on a global scale, while promoting diversity and equal opportunities. Specific promotional and communication actions were taken to this purpose, using both digital and traditional means. Over the year, through the ‘Build The Future’, ‘Make It’ and ‘Sell It’ programmes, Prysmian recruited 150 talented people from over 60,000 global applications. The selected talent appreciated the international development schemes and quality of our training. In the same period, over 5,100 employees attended training courses at the Prysmian Group Academy and our new Manufacturing Academy.

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