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Prysmian Group – 2015 Sustainability Report

Letter to the Stakeholders



intended to spread responsible business practices. In this context, screening initiatives were strengthened

during the year by considering sustainability criteria in the process of selecting and qualifying new suppliers.

In addition, all suppliers of wire rod, which represents about 80% in volume of all metals purchased, were

requested to complete a self-assessment questionnaire. The results were consequently shared with each

supplier during the usual negotiation meetings.

Given the importance of the role played by

intellectual capital



in achieving the various

profitability and value creation objectives, the Group has further supported the activities of the Prysmian

Group Academy, an international professional and management education centre, with the involvement of

more than 700 employees. Additionally, consistent with the strategy of acquiring talent, a new international

recruiting programme, known as "Make It", has been launched to attract engineers interested in taking key,

highly challenging positions at the main plants within the Group. The first year of this programme gathered

about 6,000 applications.

Prysmian has also continued to

support the economic, social and cultural development of the

territories in which the Group is active

, encouraging offices and factories around the world to take a pro-

active approach to the well-being of their local communities. In particular, consistent with the Corporate

Citizenship and Philanthropy strategy designed to support access to energy and telecommunications, the

Group has collaborated with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) by contributing to

the purchase of solar lights for the Nepalese people hit by a major earthquake that, among the very serious

damage caused, also destroyed the country's electricity grid.

Lastly, the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 21, was held in Paris during the year, with the leaders of

every country in the world seated around a table to discuss the future of our planet. In this context, Prysmian

has maintained a strong

focus on the environmental impact of the Group

, making constant efforts to

implement initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption, the quantity of waste produced and the

amount of water consumed. This way of making our contribution will continue into the future, with an ever

greater commitment.

Valerio Battista - Chief Executive Officer