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Prysmian Group – 2015 Sustainability Report

Letter to the Stakeholders



The Prysmian Group implemented numerous sustainability initiatives during 2015, once again achieving

significant results. In particular, with a focus on the

Sustainable Development Goals

(SDGs) for 2030,

renewed by the 193 Member States of the United Nations in order to promote global growth, the Group

strengthened its commitment by improving the governance of sustainability, analysing more precisely the

impact of its activities, adopting new KPIs, improving disclosures and implementing a new Multi-Stakeholder

Engagement initiative in Spain.

These efforts were driven by the spread of a culture of sustainability throughout the organisation and a

rigorous reporting that assures completeness and transparency in relation to the economic, social and

environmental matters addressed by the Group. This Sustainability Report was prepared in according with

the “


Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

” issued in 2013 by the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative.

These guidelines drive organisations in the disclosure of information about material matters, which are those

with a significant economic, environmental and/or social impact and that significantly influence the

assessments and decisions of stakeholders. With the aim of guaranteeing the reliability of the information

included in this document, Deloitte was appointed to review again for this year, this information and release

the Auditors' Report.

The Group was included in the


in 2015. This prestigious global index comprises firms that

stand out for the ethical, transparent and sustainable management of their activities. In addition, Prysmian

achieved a 10-point improvement in its Corporate Sustainability Assessment for the

Dow Jones

Sustainability Index

(DJSI), which is one of the main sustainability assessments at international level.

The sustainability strategy adopted by the Group focuses on such key topics as sustainable and

technological innovation in the solutions offered, the environmental responsibility of production processes,

the management of relations with local communities, safety at work and the development of personnel.

In terms of


, the Board of Directors has appointed the Compensation and Nomination

Committee with supervising the sustainability matters associated with the Group's activities and the

dynamics of its interactions with all stakeholders.

With regard to

economic and financial responsibility

, Prysmian has re-opened the international YES

(Your Employee Shares) programme, following the broad involvement achieved in the first two years. This

plan enables employees to purchase shares on advantageous terms. To date, the YES plan has involved

about 40% of employees, with an investment of almost 17 million euro and about 1% of capital. This

successful programme seeks to increase the involvement, sense of belonging and business understanding

of employees, thus strengthening the internal perception of the Prysmian Group as ‘One Company’.

Work on the

development of innovative products

has continued in all segments of the market: Energy

Projects, Energy Products and Telecom. The Group extended the line of Afumex Green cables during the

year, with the Afumex Green 1kV now representing the safest and most sustainable cable on the market. In

particular, the production of this product no longer uses the traditional petroleum-derived polyethylene for

insulation purposes, but rather bio-polyethylene (“green” polyethylene) derived from sugar cane, which is

100% renewable, certified at international level and capable of reducing CO



In order to assess the environmental and social impact of activities of the Group, Prysmian has taken

additional steps towards the

sustainable management of the entire supply chain

. With regard to the

management of supplier relations, the Group has already adopted a Code of Business Conduct that is