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Prysmian Group – 2015 Sustainability Report




Structure of the Sustainability Report

The "Group ID Card" chapter is dedicated to presenting the Group, the areas in which we work, the main

events and awards received during the year, and the values that guide the way we work. It also describes

the governance of Prysmian, our economic performance and the activities arranged to communicate with

and involve our shareholders and investors.

The following chapters, «Integrated Sustainability», «Sustainable Innovation» and «Supply Chain», show

how sustainability is an all-encompassing concept that influences the entire life cycle of every product: from

research into and the development of innovative and sustainable solutions, to the networks that transport the

product to market.

The "Prysmian's People" chapter is dedicated to our human resources, health and safety policies, the

involvement of employees and their personal growth via initiatives that develop their skills.

This focus on our human resources is also reflected in the activities carried out for the benefit of the local

communities in which the Group works, which are described in the chapter on «Communities».

The "Environment" chapter is dedicated to our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and our

environmental performance by analysing the most significant aspects, such as our use of natural resources

and raw materials, our consumption of energy and the related greenhouse gases emissions, and our

elimination of processing waste.

The Report closes with the "Attachments" that provide further details about certain information contained in

the Report, not least for consistency with the GRI-G4 guidelines, the "Auditors' Report" and the "GRI Content



Please direct comments, requests, opinions and ideas for improving the activities of Prysmian and the

information contained in the Sustainability Report to:


+39 0264491

[email protected]