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Prysmian Group – 2015 Sustainability Report





The Sustainability Report of the Prysmian Group (also "Prysmian" or the "Group"), published annually and

now in its fifth edition (the fourth edition, relating to 2014, was published in May 2015), represents the main

tool used to inform stakeholders about the Group's performance on economic, social and environmental

matters. The document describes the history of Prysmian's commitment to the creation of value not only for

the Group itself but also for its stakeholders.

Continuing in the direction first taken in 2014, this Sustainability Report and its Attachments have again been

prepared in accordance with the “Core” option of the «

G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

». This confirms

the Group's commitment to making broader and more effective disclosures ensuring the consistency and

depth of the information reported.

The GRI G4 guidelines for sustainability reporting require the Sustainability Report to contain information

about matters material, being those with a significant economic, environmental and social impact on the

organisation and that significantly influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders.

The process of collecting data and information in order to prepare the Report was managed by the Corporate

and Business Communications function in collaboration with various other business functions, in order to

clearly and precisely identify the most relevant information for stakeholders, according to the following

reporting principles: balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability.

Except were otherwise indicated, the data and information contained in this report relate to those companies

within the Prysmian Group as of 31 December 2015 that are consolidated on a line-by-line basis in the

Annual Report. Where available, data relating to previous years has been reported, in order to ensure the

comparability of indicators over time and enable readers to compare Group performance and analyse trends

among reporting periods. In addition, in order to guarantee the reliability of the information presented in this

document, the parameters reported are, wherever possible, directly measurable. When recourse to

estimates is necessary, these are made using the best methodologies available and disclosed appropriately.

There were no significant changes in the ownership structure or scale of the Group during 2015 that would

affect the scope of this Report.

In order to guarantee the reliability of the information presented, Deloitte has performed a limited assurance

engagement in relation to the Sustainability Report, releasing its Auditors' Report in accordance with the

criteria indicated in standard ISAE 3000. This report, attached to this document, includes compliance with

the principles of audit independence.