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The revolution in energy and data is here.

In a market that demands more efficient, more sustainable, and ever-smarter grids Prysmian is positioned as a global solutions provider. We offer the latest in cutting-edge, safety-compliant technologies and a growing suite of post-sale services to help our customers fully exploit their networks whilst enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership.

Not only do we build the most reliable cutting-edge technology on the market, we also support our customers post-purchase with a range of services designed specifically to reduce the total cost of their system ownership.

Service that is second-to-none

Our focus is on preventative maintenance, meaning less system downtime and costly unplanned power outages for customers. When intervention is required, our service is characterised by rapid response times and precision in locating problems.We achieve this by utilising our breakthrough proprietary technologies like PRY-CAM or PFT (Perfluorocarbon Tracers) and tailoring them to the customer. For example, customers are able to define their desired intervention delay (meaning the time that should elapse between an emergency call and the arrival of the Prysmian team on site).

Assessment services include

  • Laboratory and on-site tests

  • Trend analysis

  • Preventive maintenance interventions (executed both on- and off-site)

Bring innovation

Change your vision of asset management with revolutionary technologies that improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

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Our post-installation tests can be carried out on cable systems of any voltage, according to international reference standards. Our Partial Discharge measurements and periodic testing activities are conducted using the PRY-CAM system.

We also apply ‘destructive’ tests, which can be carried out on scrap components, resulting from re-routing works, that would otherwise be thrown away. This provides us with information about the condition of similar components that may then need removing from the network.

These activities can be carried out on all types of cables and accessories systems. Their main purpose is to reduce risk by providing useful information for the planning of maintenance programmes, adapted according to a schedule preferred by the customer.

Power Link Cable Solutions

Our new turnkey solution to prevent subsea cables damages and minimize downtime and costs in case of interruptions of energy availability.

Discover more on our Submarine Cable Solutions.

Prestigious partner brand

At Prysmian, our extensive knowledge in all aspects of cable technology and performance makes us an irreplaceable partner for any network manager or owner. Indeed, we are the preferred choice for many of the world’s premier businesses.


Inside Services


PRY-CAM Brochure

Accesories for Fluid Filled Cables - From 33 kV to 400 kV

PFT Solutions brochure

PRY-CAM Grids for Wind Turbine Applications

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