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Refineries & Petrochemical

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Refineries & Petrochemical

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You demand safety, compliance and quality in cost-effective solutions. We deliver.

The Prysmian range of cable systems for downstream applications delivers innovative solutions for oil refining, petrochemical and chemical production.

We operate world-wide and support operators in a diverse range of refining, petrochemical and chemical production plants.

From our global manufacturing facilities, we support you through all stages of a project from design through to manufacture and then assist you during operation and maintenance.

The Prysmian Refineries & Petrochemical portfolio:

The range includes HV cable solutions that connect process and utility units to the power generation plant, cable systems for instrumentation and automation, and fibre optic solutions for critical safety and operating applications.

Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of a project and always incorporates the highest standards for safety and reliability. They can operate in hazardous environments and resist chemical attack. Their compact designs reduce installation complexity and cost.

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