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Draka Elevator entra nel “Green Suppliers Network”

Draka Elevator entra nel “Green Suppliers Network”

Grande risultato conseguito grazie al continuo impegno verso la sostenibilità.

Milano, Italia   -   21 Mar 2014

Remarkable accomplishment achieved in ongoing efforts towards sustainability.

In January 2013 Draka Elevator, the company within the Group that carries out business in the elevator industry, applied to a program whereby the company could in turn apply for a scholarship to pay for participation in the E3 program (Economy, Energy and Environment) for the strengthening of manufacturing in North Carolina, US, through sustainable business practices and promoting a sustainable future in the manufacturing community.

E3 is an innovative, community-based effort to establish replicable, self-sustaining initiatives that simultaneously increase the sustainable practices and profitability of manufacturers.

Cost to apply was $30,000, not to be paid should Draka Elevator pass the requirements. Draka Elevator made a presentation and application and received the one and only scholarship in the reference area in North Carolina.

Five are the goals for E3 projects:

  • Increase energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Provide valuable technical training, jobs and skills training, assessments and support for E3 clients;
  • Improve profitability of the local economy
  • Enable growth for companies and the State
  • Create and retain manufacturing jobs.

For the past months since the application, Draka Elevator has implemented the programs, working with various State and federal government organizations and universities.

When I discovered the program to apply for the scholarship says Sterrett Lloyd, Elevator BU director,
I thought it was worth trying, also given the effort and commitment the Prysmian Group is dedicating on a regular basis to sustainability initiatives.

In early October 2013 Draka Elevator did the closing presentation of the work done and was awarded the passing of the program, which means being allowed to claim to be a member of the Green Suppliers Network, a suppliers network managed by the US government EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Award is valid over a period of 2 years after the date of the final report.