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Potenziato lo stabilimento turco di Mudanya

Potenziato lo stabilimento turco di Mudanya

Completati gli investimenti e il progetto di ottimizzazione avviati nel 2012

Mudanya, Turchia   -   12 Giu 2013

The Mudanya factory reopens after the largest investment and factory optimisation project since 1964

During the ceremony organised at the factory in Mudanya, Prysmian Group Turkey announced that it had completed the investment and factory optimisation project started in 2012. The objectives were to upgrade and modernise the facilities, to significantly increase plant capacity for the main product categories, to add several new product categories to the product range and to significantly enhance levels of service.

Hans Hoegstedt, CEO of Prysmian Group Turkey, highlights the importance of the investments, adding: “These are the biggest investments ever completed at our Turkish factory since its opening in 1964. We are proud of being a pioneer in our sector with the investments and innovations completed to date. These major investments once again show our strong commitment and belief in the Turkish economy and the excellent workforce at our Mudanya factory.”

As part of these investments, Prysmian Group Turkey has increased the capacity of installation cables by 5,000 tonnes a year and significantly improved production flows to enhance overall efficiency. In order to meet changing market demands, the company has also invested in new machinery and equipment to boost capacity for special cables by 2,000 tonnes. In the elevator cables area, where the Group is the global leader with a full range of solutions covering all key products and components, Prysmian Group Turkey has also expanded its production capabilities by adding 500 tonnes per year in capacity. By developing new projects to increase efficiency, Prysmian Group Turkey also aims to augment MV and HV cable production volumes by 4,300 tonnes per year.

Another key objective of the project has been to improve carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. As part of the factory’s modernisation, new more efficient equipment has been installed with the goal of reducing energy consumption by 1,000,000 kWh. The new innovative lightning system is expected to yield an energy saving of around 800,000 kWh per year. Prysmian Group Turkey has also made an important investment in solar panels and solar cables integration. The company is the first in its sector to make comprehensive use of solar energy as a key energy source, with annual savings of 10,000 kWh thanks to its 7.6 kW solar system.

Hans Hoegstedt continues “The completion of this project is a key part of the basis and substance of our new company mission in Turkey ‘Linking Turkey to the Future’, launched at the start of 2012. This mission has already proved successful in 2012 after we won the Dardanelles Strait HV Submarine Cable Project, the most innovative and prestigious project in the market and the first HV submarine cable link in Turkey that will provide Istanbul with efficient and reliable energy. At the end of 2012 we also launched the biggest and most comprehensive educational campaign in the cable industry with the initiative ‘Attention! All Cables Are Not The Same...’ and the Prysmian Performance Test. Moving forward, our objective is to further strengthen our market leadership where innovative and more efficient solutions are concerned and to help raise public awareness about poor and often dangerous products.”