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Engineering masterpieces you could have signed

Prysmian Group, the global leader in the cable and systems industry for energy and telecoms applications, is hunting for engineers with 3-7 years of experience. People who may dream to put their signatures on buildings and major infrastructure projects that are the landmarks of human progress all over the world. Landmarks that are the pride of the company that contributed to build them–Prysmian Group.

In Prysmian, we are used to facing challenges and providing innovative solutions in every aspect of our industry. We have taken part in projects all across the world, bringing our products and systems into the tallest buildings, under the deepest seas and even in the most ambitious aerospace adventures.

We brought our products and systems into the tallest buildings,
under the deepest seas and into the most ambitious aerospace adventures

Our outstanding expertise and technological excellence, coupled with our global footprint, allows us to develop suitable and well-timed solutions for all our customers, leaving our signature on several international landmarks.

There are too many achievements to be numbered: the following is just to give an idea of what we are talking about.

Prysmian Group participated in turning on the new One World Trade Center Freedom Tower in Manhattan, the world’s fourth highest skyscraper, furnishing the mobile cables and the technical equipment for more than 100 elevators. Responding to the growing energy demand of the Big Apple, we designed, supplied and installed the underwater cable across the Hudson river that allow New York to light up its skyline.

In the energy sector, we connected several offshore windfarms in the North Sea to the European mainland. Decreasing the production costs of wind energy, our cables are enabling the development of sustainable energy resources, making them more competitive with traditional plant-generated electricity. Prysmian supplied the cable solutions for the SylWin1 off the coast of Germany, a watershed in the energy sector.

Given our commitment to renewable energy, we are aware that the world will still rely on fossil fuels, oil and gasoline for many years. Whether they are deployed in Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea or Southeast Asia, our products lie at the core of major worldwide development projects in the O&G industry. Our feather in the cap is the comprehensive range of SURF (Subsea Umbilical, Riser and Flowline) products and services.

Our manufacturing community is always open to new resources 
that can bring to life projects never done before


On the opposite corner of the world, upon a request from the Australian government, we cabled the country from coast to coast, linking 93% of Australia’s buildings with a broadband network in the biggest infrastructural challenge ever faced in the history of the island.

And the sky is not the limit, since Prysmian Group cooperated along the years in many plane and aerospace projects, simplifying the realization of the most innovative aircrafts. For instance, with their first application on the world’s largest passenger airliner, the Airbus A380, our aluminium conductor-based airframe wires have helped to achieve weight savings of an impressive 30%.

The projects we contributed to all over the globe represent milestones of progress in the key fields of energy and communication. Such great achievements, that make countries and communities  step forward, tell the true story of Prysmian as world-class enabler.

For all these projects, we were chosen because we saw solutions that others were not able to find. Our products, as well as the concept and the planning, are made in one of the 82 Prysmian factories all over the world, where engineers and professionals are committed to making our customers’most ambitious projects possible. That is why our manufacturing community is welcoming new resources who are willing to realize projects never done before. 

In the 82 Prysmian factories all over the world, engineers and professionals are
committed to making customers’ most ambitious projects possible.

If you’re willing to enable the world of tomorrow with us, join our Make It career advancement program, and step up to face and win the challenges of the future.