As a result of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, 2.8 million people are living in need of assistance and protection.

We invited some of our 20,000 employees to make a donation, which we then matched. These donations allowed the purchase of 19,000 plastic tarpaulins to provide immediate shelter to those whose homes had been destroyed.

The donations also allowed the purchase of 8,000 vitally needed solar-powered lamps. The earthquake had not only destroyed homes, offices and public buildings, it had also disrupted the electricity supply in the worst hit areas, including hospitals.

These solar-powered lamps not only offer a form of protection after nightfall but some can also be used to re-charge mobile telephones, helping people to find relatives and stay in touch.

Our employees donated a staggering €20,000 to the cause. Which Prysmian Group matched, taking the total to €40,000.

“Trucks left our warehouses in the southeast of Nepal, to distribute plastic sheets and solar lamps to the Eastern districts of Nepal which have been gravely devastated by aftershocks and which had not received any of the aid efforts on the ground thus far.”

Joung-ah Ghedini Williams

UNHCR PSFR Emergencies Coordinator

The donations demonstrate the Group’s recently introduced Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Policy in action, whereby Prysmian actively supports all initiatives aimed at promoting access to energy and telecommunications.