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Prysmian Group - Sustainability Week 2022

Sustainability Week in Numbers


Events organised across 15 Countries


external speakers from Companies, Associations and Universities


employees involved organising the event across 10 Regions and BUs


employee attended


participants throughout the week


people reached on social media channels

Social topics received the most attention, with 12 dedicated Workshops and over 1000 stakeholders attending

Prysmian Group top management to meet with stakeholders online, since our annual event has now gone digital.

We achieve our sustainability goals by working with partnersand to do that, we all need to be on the same page. That's why stakeholder engagement activities are a key part of Prysmian Group’s sustainability strategy.

These engagement initiatives are pursued in various ways and via multiple channels.

Prysmian has organised several multi-stakeholder engagement events over the years, in which stakeholders were invited to participate actively and discuss:

  • identification of the main impacts of the Group’s activities throughout the Prysmian value chain, including additional new actions that the Group could implement to contribute to sustainable development;
  • assessment and prioritisation of sustainability issues through structured surveys aimed at bringing the contribution of both external and internal stakeholders into the materiality analysis;
  • assessment, via interactive workshops, of their perception of the Group’s initiatives and activities regarding the targets of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Engagement of institutional investors and financial analysts through conference calls to discuss about the company sustainability strategy

An online event for a deep dive into environment, climate and social issues and innovation.

Sustainability Week on June 20-24, 2022 featured over 28 events located in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, China, and Oceania-South East Asia dedicated to receiving feedback on our sustainability strategy. These events spotlighted regional CEOs and Sustainability Ambassadors, local leadership and stakeholders, in the region’slanguage for a greaterengagement.

Prysmian Group Sustainability Week 2022

What issues are our stakeholders passionate about? We need to know.

Prysmian Group holds a continuous dialogue with people most affected by our business, so that we can incorporate their main concerns into our overall strategy of making cables for the energy and digital transitions. We were looking forward to finding out what has changed about our stakeholders’ priorities in 2022.

Sustainability Week 2022

Sustainability Week 2022 | Opening video and welcome

Roundtable on the Role of the Board in Enabling “Sustainable Growth”

Investors’ views about prioritizing social impact

A talk on: “Is the grid infrastructure green enough?”

We are what we do. Pursuing Climate and Social Ambition

The role of cable technology in pursuing energy transition

The role of Prysmian Group in supporting local communities

Talk with local CEOs about ESG local dimension

Acknowledgments and conclusion

Main topics of the event

The main theme of the week was “strengthening the links with the environment and local communities.” and focused on three main topics: Environment, Social and Innovation.

The environmental topic, showed what the Group is doing to fulfill its commitment towards the decarbonisation process of its sector and supply chain, and the company’s efforts towards a more circular business as for example:

  • Enabling decarbonisation towards net-zero;
  • 46% Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030;
  • 21% Scope 3 emissions by 2030;
  • Net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2035.
  • Increase recycled material content of products.

Key focus areas of the Group’s Social Ambition included:

  • Developing D&I and women’s careers in STEM programs;
  • Measurement of business impacts on local communities;
  • Maintaining workplace health and safety as a top priority for collaborators through programs aimed at daily prevention;
  • Promoting upskilling and engagement of employees;
  • Digitalization.

Finally, Innovation topics included:

Sustainability embedded in product innovation

  • Innovation for sustainable transmission systems
  • Digitalization as a driver for upskilling

The potential of Digitalization for Sustainability and Energy Transition - electrification of the society

Thematic Workshops

Each day of the week featured a “lead” event led by senior management at headquarters dedicated to Climate, Social, and Innovation topics, for a total of five events. Regional leaders also took the floor for a deep dive into the day’s topic as it relates to their communities.

The week began with a kick-off event that drew 1,500 participants. It led with a message from the EU Vice President, and then segued into a panel featuring the CEO of Enel, the Head of European equity strategies AXA, and top Prysmian executives. Each day staged a one-hour workshop organized by the Headquerteron topics such as Net-Zero targets; Impacts on communities; D&I, Safety, Electrification; Digitalisation, Circular economy. These were followed by a discussion with participants about the Group’s objectives, experience and global trends, and drew a total of 600 participants.

Since our goal was to have a global reach each Region held 2/3 events featuring business associates, governments & associations, and local top management and stakeholders. These regional events were attended by over 2,000 people, or around 110 per event.

Participants at every event could use a voting system, available through the dedicated digital platform, to make the discussion more interactive and provide feedback. The Q&A discussion took place over a live chat.

“Prysmian Group’s business model is based on the concept of shared value that calls for listening to and actively involving all internal and external stakeholders. The strength of the Group’s approach is the constant monitoring of our sustainability performance along the entire value chain, making us able to seize new opportunities in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) area.”
Maria Cristina Bifulco
Chief Sustainability Officer and
Group Investor Relations VP
Prysmian Group