What does this mean?

It means we always put our customers at the centre of our strategic, organisational and business choices.
It means we apply flexibility across the entire supply chain to accelerate time to market and adapt to the needs of various industries.
It means we’re committed to analysing and anticipating customer expectations and their evolution over time.
It means that we satisfy our customers’ needs thanks to a constant presence – from product design to delivery – and provide a level of service that is always monitored against agreed parameters and specific standards. And that translates into rapid, effective and targets responses.


Our solutions

We develop solutions that meet specific standards and are customised to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Evaluating ourselves

We aim to always be the "preferred partner" when it comes to customer satisfaction. So we conduct regular large-scale customer surveys, and monitor key service indicators such as reliability and speed.

Customer centricity in action

A part of our strategic approach to customer satisfaction is "Factory Reliability", a process that improves the reliability of planning, the execution of output (including response times), and strict control over inventory for every type of component.

We also run "Supply chain integration projects" with some of our most important global customers to improve processes throughout the entire supply chain – from the producers of raw materials through to the end user.

Our "Fast Order Entry" project has halved the time taken to enter and process orders, vastly improving our lead-time flexibility, timeliness and efficiency across our logistics operations.

-30% reduction in production time at 4 Group plants thanks to lead-time reduction projects.

Prysmian Group is at the customer's side at every stage: from understanding their specific needs through to execution, completion and delivery of the project.