We know how important corporate governance is in protecting the interests of all stakeholders

So we focus our corporate governance system on creating sustainable stakeholder value in the long term. In doing this, we’re setting in motion a continuous process of effectiveness, efficiency and corporate integrity.

Our governance system is always aligned with the latest recommendations and regulations, and complies with domestic and international best practice.

But we don't stop there

Our Remuneration, Appointments and Sustainability Committee within the Board of Directors, supervises all sustainability matters associated with the Group's activities. The Committee also oversees interactions with all stakeholders.

A Sustainability Steering Committee has been formed to support their activities. Comprising senior managers, it discusses the Group's strategic guidelines for sustainability, as well as preparing and implementing action plans devised with reference to the agreed strategic guidelines.

The Corporate and Business Communications Function maps and monitors the expectations of stakeholders in relation to the Group. It proposes guidelines and actions, organises stakeholder engagement activities and, drawing on the multiple resources available, guarantees constant and transparent communications with the stakeholders.