We are dedicated to delivering world-leading solutions that don’t cost the Earth

It’s not just about being a world leader in the supply of energy and telecommunication systems. For Prysmian, it’s about much more than that. It’s about a continuing commitment to achieving sustainable growth through advanced technological solutions and a responsible business model.

It’s about always striving to continually satisfy the needs of our customers by developing high-quality and high-value sustainable products. It’s about supporting the future development of communities around the globe, through environmental and social integrity. In fact, at the very heart of our corporate vision is the promotion of ‘the efficient, effective and sustainable supply of energy and information as the main driver for the development of communities’.

Europacable Industry Charter

Defending quality standards in the cable industry

Signed in 2015 by Europacable members, this charter represents a collective commitment to the principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing. 

The Industry Charter is a formal expression of Europacable members’ acknowledgement of the need to meet the demands of business stakeholders, while at the same time defending the interests of their employees, their customers, the wider community and the environment, with a strong commitment not only to meeting the basic requirements of the law, but also about expecting to take a proactive role in monitoring and evaluating emerging issues and finding innovative solutions that seek to exceed the minimum requirements.


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Eurocable gathers approximately 85% of the European wire and cable industry including the largest cable makers in the world. The production scope  of its members covers the full range of insulated wires and cables, including energy, industrial, building, automotive, special application, metallic and optical fibre data and telecommunications wires and cables, as well as winding wires and medium voltage accessories. Europacable represents the wire and cable industry in EU policy debates as trusted source of technical information on wire and cable productos, actively engaged in standardization processers and committed to increase the visibility of the European wire and cable industry.

Sustainability at every step

The conservation of natural resources and providing value that will benefit our customers long into the future, are duties that we take very seriously. In fact, our aim to develop the Group in an ethical and sustainable manner influences every key decision we make.

From products and premises to production processes and people, we have a keen focus on enhancing efficiency, developing health, safety and personnel, cultivating positive relations with the local communities in which the Group operates, and reducing any negative impact on the environment through commitment to a measurable sustainability model.

The Group operates in accordance with its values (Drive, Trust and Simplicity) in achieving its company mission.

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“At the global level, we offer our clients energy and telecom cables and systems based on cutting-edge technological solutions.”
On the strength of its solid reputation for performance and innovation, our Group is well positioned to deliver profits together with sustainable growth.
Our main goal is to be chosen by our clients for our reliability and transparency in relationships. This is why we attach such great importance to our values (Drive, Trust and Simplicity). Our working methods and approach are a tangible sign of the passion and expertise that we bring to everything we do. We strive for constant improvement of our competencies in customer-centricity, research and development, environmental sustainability and people development.


The Group's approach to Sustainability


The responsibility of being leader guides the Group's approach to sustainability in all its forms, with a particular focus on sustainable, technological innovation.

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