Very proud of Prysmian volunteers to clean the environment


In recognising the key role that Corporate Social Responsibility plays for all of us, we have recently launched the Corporate Volunteering pilot project at our HQ.

Through our Intranet, HQ Prysmian people have booked their volunteer slots and become actively and personally involved as Corporate Volunteers in this project.

This experience opens up a new dimension for our People, who contribute by giving back to our community.

Aware of the fact that cities exploit a huge amount of resources and generate tremendous quantities of waste, we have decided to give back to the community by contributing our time and help clean the environment.


As part of this specific initiative in partnership with Legambiente, an Italian non-profit organisation committed to the preservation of the environment, on 11 July Prysmian employees cleaned the Emilio De Marchi area in Milan.

After a briefing by Legambiente staff on the activities to be carried out, Prysmian employees were divided into two groups. Equipped with rakes and gloves, they cleaned the park and the nearby cycle path from the garbage. 

It was exciting to see 26 employees from Prysmian HQ volunteering for half a day in action.

People collected all sorts of waste: cigarette butts, litter, glasses, plastics, cans, paper and even a battery and a piece of bulky waste.

They collected 176 kg of waste!

When the two groups gathered at end of this experience and saw all the bags of waste they collected, employees were all enthusiast: "I am very happy to have helped keep our city clean. 176 Kg are not few. On the street, passers-by thanked us and had nice words of encouragement. Their words made me feel good." said, Bruna Chitoni, Telecom and E&I Business Communication Manager.

A huge thank therefore goes to the Prysmian people who believed in this commitment to sustainability and also to the Legambiente staff, who provided guidance and explanations on all the aspects and impacts of this initiative.

We should all reflect on the importance of safeguarding our planet: it is the only one we have to leave to future generations.