Prysmian Group celebrates opening of new Latin America (LatAm) headquarters in Brazil

CEO Valerio Battista and LATAM CEO Juan Mogollon gather with 400 employees to unveil new $35 million facility.


Prysmian Group’s top management, special clients and 400 employees gathered at its new $35 million Latin American headquarters at Sorocaba, celebrating an historic milestone of the group in Brazil and its integrated future with General Cable. The new headquarters was inaugurated by Chief Executive Officer Valerio Battista and LATAM Chief Executive Officer Juan Mogollon, also marking the 90th anniversary of the Group's presence in Brazil.

The Sorocaba plant now has bigger production capacity for power cables, optical and metal data transmission cables, as well as special automotive industry cables lines. A new 23,000-square-metre distribution area and a cutting-edge R&D laboratory mean that the facility has everything it needs to become a centre of excellence for the entire group.

The plant next to the new headquarters is the sole location in South America where the glass for optical fibres is produced, said CEO Valerio Battista at the event, “and we are very, very happy with that.”  

We are very proud to be able to sustain the growth of our company, thanks to our technology and to our industrial infrastructure,” said Battista. “Our main plant in South America is now here in Sorocaba, it’s a huge investment in terms of capacity, capability and technology.

The Sorocaba facility is not just another gray factory. Prysmian Group chose an image of a green and blue Earth to cover an entire wall of the optical fibres plant and regional headquarters, which are inspired by the same sustainable principles used to build the Group's global headquarters in Milan, with interior spaces designed to take advantage of the benefits of natural light.

The new headquarters is fundamental to Prysmian’s goal of building its competitive strength in the group’s fastest-growing region, where revenues rose 6% in the first quarter of 2019. Most importantly, it integrates General Cable and Prysmian organisations into a single place. Sorocaba replaces the Santo André facility, and integrated the General Cable Sao Paulo office.  At the same time the group has also expanded the Poços de Caldas production facility.  


We just made a tremendous investment in different areas of the company to support the growth of the industry in Latin America,” said Juan Mogollon, CEO Latin America. “With the integration of General Cable and Prysmian in Latin America, we now have the most comprehensive footprint of the industry in the region to serve our customers. And we will continue to invest in designing the right products for the market, in developing and training our associates, and most importantly in finding new ways to remain lean, simple and cost effective

The investment demonstrates that South America and Brazil are strategic markets for the group. It is a region where the integration with General Cable has improved its competitiveness and positioning. 

The location for the new headquarters is advantageous because it is near two international airports, making it easy for management and staff to travel in this geographically vast and diverse region. It is a highly technological city, which means there is strong talent availability, and the quality of life is superior to many other cities in Brazil.

Today has been an historical moment for the Prysmian family in South America,” said Mogollon. “Obviously we are celebrating that the group has been here 90 years. But also the fact that it is our commitment to be here for another 90 years.


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