Achieving own full potential in a multinational company

Meet Cristiana Scelza, BU SURF Director.

“Nothing is stable, everyday a new situation to face, learning every single day. This is one of the best things in our company: we have the possibility to change and continuously challenge ourselves.”


Graduate in Chemistry, enthusiastic and ambitious, determined not to settle for anything less than a job she can love: these are the qualities that brought Cristiana into the Prysmian Group.

A challenge a day

Managing a Business Unit in a market like Oil & Gas, which features such a complex strategic future, in an economic, political and dynamic scenario such as Brazil, is a truly challenging experience, as demanding as it is gratifying.
“In such a difficult environment, the most important success for me is seeing my team achieve stretching goals. Getting tangible results every day from people in development projects is my biggest satisfaction.”

Between research and the market

Cristiana joined the Research & Development department of Pirelli as a materials scientist. After a few years dedicated to the study of innovative materials and the development of new processes, she felt the need for concrete, personal experience of the market, in order to confidently master the work in such a complex industrial organisation. For this reason, Cristiana moved to the Industrial Cable Business Unit as a Technical Expert and began to travel in the vast Pirelli-Prysmian galaxy. At this point the company called her back to R&D, first as Product Development Manager and then as WorldWide Energy Director.

“This was the period when I realized how managing people with the technical knowledge in an industrial company could be the most amazing job.”

A multicultural career

After almost 2 years as worldwide R&D Energy Director, Cristiana asked for some international experience with a greater exposure to the market: that's how she became BU SURF Brazil Director.

“International Mobility is a distinctive feature of the Prysmian Group: by 31 December 2015 the expatriate population comprised about 215 employees of 27 different nationalities (38% Italian) moving towards 29 destination countries. 14% of employees are women.”

Cristiana’s experience is not an exceptional case in the Prysmian world: in 2015, 39 new graduates from 18 different countries were involved in a 2-year international experience in countries other than their own.

International mobility of staff encourages the spread of Prysmian’s culture and values in all the branches in the world, enables the transfer of managerial and technical know-how from one country to another and is essential for the professional and managerial growth of young graduates entering the company.


/  Project facts:


  • The acronym SURF stands for Subsea Umbilicals Risers Flowlines
  • For Prysmian Group, International Mobility is a precious opportunity that allows employees to develop and grow within the Group
  • “Where there is a will, there is a way” is Cristiana Scelza’s motto



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