Meet Jon Schemmel: from aerospace, back to the cable industry

Read Jon’s story, Product Manager, electrical products market segment, General Cable.


The only constant in the world of business is change. Markets change, and to keep moving forward, businesses have to embrace the unknown and adapt.

“While I loved my work in aerospace, I ultimately missed the fast pace of the cable business, and the shared culture of the General Cable team.”

Jon Schemmel welcomes change. After all, it’s constant change that has shaped his career and enabled his skills to shine. He joined General Cable as a graduate in 2008 and learned the production planning process at General Cable’s Lincoln, Rhode Island facility before starting his role in supply chain, supporting the automotive and telecommunications businesses.

Unafraid of change, Jon actually left General Cable to become a program manager at a fledgling aerospace company and before long, was drawn back to our industry.

Taking on new challenges


When he rejoined General Cable in 2011, Jon managed the North America Copper Datacom business followed by the North America Carol® Cord business. But it wasn’t long before he was ready to embrace the unknown yet again, accepting the challenge of relocating to Sao Paulo, Brazil, despite not speaking a word of Portuguese.

I believe being open to change improves your ability to listen and learn. Sao Paulo was a big change for me, but the General Cable Brazil team was 100% behind me.  The experience really broadened my horizons, both personally, and professionally.

After Brazil, Jon joined the General Cable LATAM headquarters in Miami, Florida, to focus on LATAM product management initiatives. He also supported Project Springboard in partnership with Bain & Company, helping General Cable roll out their new global strategy.

By embracing the unknown, Jon quickly built up strong industry experience, enabling him to take on a Supply Chain leadership position in the North America ICS business, where he works today.

Looking to the future


As General Cable and Prysmian Group join forces, it’s people like Jon, with their positive outlook and willingness to embrace the unknown, that will make the most of the many opportunities that the expanded group will create.

I know the amazing talent at General Cable, so I’m excited to see what that team can do in collaboration with our colleagues at Prysmian Group. The opportunities for synergies around process best practices is incredibly exciting and we will both have a new global pool of best practices to leverage and learn from.


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