Time to celebrate the keel laying of Leonardo da Vinci

On September 3rd, at Vard’s shipyard in Tulcea (Romania), the construction of Prysmian Group’s new cable laying vessel, Leonardo da Vinci, recorded another significant milestone: the keel laying ceremony.

Rooted in earlier times, when the keel laying was the initial placement of the central timber (the keel), making up the backbone of a vessel, the ceremony envisaged the lowering and lining up of the first modules of Leonardo da Vinci into place, in the building dock, at the presence of Prysmian Group’s and Vard’s managers and employees.

After the laying itself, that marked the birth of the new ship, another meaningful moment took place: the lucky coin ceremonyThree different coins: 1 Euro, 50 Bani, 20 Krones representing, respectively, the three countries of birth of the vesselItaly (Prysmian Group’s home country), Norway (Vard Group’s home country) and Romania (where Vard’s shipyard in Tulcea is located) –  were fitted in a steel plate by Prysmian’s managers: Dario Brivio, Biagio Costantino and Sebastiano Aleo.The plate was then welded to the bottom of the first module to bless the ship and as a symbol of good fortune, a ceremonial believed to date back to Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. After celebrating maritime traditions, the production of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessels, continues at full pace.

The Keel Laying Ceremony