Global Induction means global connection

The Company welcomes 50 people to Milan headquarters to start their career path.


Prysmian Group’s global induction across two weeks ended on June 28th, when the company welcomed about 50 people from different countries across the globe in our HQ in Milan. The Group strongly believes that diversity is a key asset to be the best in class and remain competitive in an evolving global market.

I applied to the Make IT Program because Prysmian Group is a diverse Company with a very structured training program and development path,” said Juliana Camara, who was hired as a materials manager in the Saint-Jerome plant in Quebec. “I expect to grow personally and professionally by interacting with different cultures,” she added.

During the first week of the Global Induction, our new colleagues attended presentations from our top managers to get more familiar with our Company, our technology and our products.

For the second week, the Global induction has seen the participants joining the training from the SDA Bocconi School of Management, just one of the several top universities that Prysmian works with.

We’ve spent a few days at Bocconi University, one of the main Prysmian Group Academy Partners. It has been a very insightful experience, from lectures to practical activities,” said Andrey Khrabrin, Sales Manager from Moscow.

The Global Induction is a great chance for our new colleagues for networking, start building partnerships and sharing knowledge that will be definitely useful for their future roles. Being a leader in Prysmian Group means learning and nurturing your relationships to inspire others to succeed together.

The new colleagues came from Chile, Singapore, the US, Europe, and elsewhere. Later this year they will spend time in Turkey for more onsite training.

Networking and learning to build on strengths from different experiences and backgrounds have been key themes during the induction week.

We have built informal channels to keep connections with colleagues and sharing ideas about projects, Whatsapp is a good example to keep each other updated,” said Dario D’Ambrosio, a colleague who started the Make IT Program in 2016 and now is Head of Extruded Submarine Cables at the Arco Felice factory, Naples.

The Prysmian Group Academy, one of the most appreciated resources by the employees, plays also a role to foster connections.  It offers a broad range of learning opportunities and content which is available globally. The Prysmian Group leaders can connect with each other and get leadership training through the Business School in partnership with SDA Bocconi. All the employees have access to the Professional School and Digital School focused on offering tailored professional and innovative courses.

Our Make IT and Sell IT colleagues who participated in the Global induction are just at the beginning of their journey.  During the first year, their training agenda includes strategy, collaborative skills, customer centricity, and sales fundamentals. The training does not stop here. In the following 2 years, they will have deep dive sessions with the best business schools across the globe.

These programs give selected candidates the opportunity to build a career path across the company all around the world. The combination between Prysmian and General Cable means a greater mix of people, cultures and geography, making global induction week even more interesting.

Our mix of cultures, experiences and background is a terrific new asset for the company, it brings the opportunity to improve best practices and having new perspectives to create innovative solutions.” says Maura Nespoli, Chief of Global Talent Acquisition and People Development.

The energy and enthusiasm of the participants is contagious and it is the best reward for the company’s effort and investment in this global event. We aim to keep building on this and leveraging these aspects for our cultural change. The new inspirational values, Drive, Trust and Simplicity are embedded in this open approach,” Maura Nespoli underlines.

It has been just a first Global Induction session… the first, of many. As this new group of future managers begins their journey in the global group, we look forward to following their career growth in the coming years.


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