From military to the cable industry. Amy, an example of flexibility

Meet Amy Shackelford, Lead Applications Engineer, General Cable.

The world changes at an extraordinary pace. For engineers, it means they constantly have to adapt to make the most of new technologies and offer solutions that meet the latest customer expectations. It’s a challenge that makes flexibility one of the most important skills an engineer can have.

 “I first started with General Cable when I left the army. My military background was a good technical fit for the electrical lab, helping me quickly adapt my skills.”

Amy Shackelford knows a thing or two about flexibility. Before joining General Cable, she spent 15 years in the U.S. Army where she led a team of junior soldiers in the operation and maintenance of guidance and optical systems for military weaponry.

From product testing to project lead


Amy started out as a Lab Technician in General Cable’s electrical lab. There, she performed quality control tests on General Cable products, along with assessing competitor products, testing performance, quality and connector compatibility. It was a role that helped the business stay ahead of the competition.

Her success saw her quickly move up to Design Engineering as part of the data communications team, where she worked on the business’ integration of BICC Cable, working out how best to combine designs and systems acquired as part of the merger.

Her insights and ability to adapt existing processes and products enabled a seamless transition for the expanded business, and the launch of some cutting-edge new products, which she worked on from initial design, right through to manufacturing and sales.

Amy’s work for General Cable set off on a new path as she supported the Utility sales team by taking the lead on a range of product development efficiency initiatives. Eager to share her experience, she provided training and mentorship to newly hired specification engineers, and helped hone the skills of Utility sales team members.

The power of flexibility


“Adapting to change is critical in all aspects of life. You don’t grow as an individual, or professionally, by standing still. Finding the positive and being flexible makes progress much easier and more enjoyable.”

Today, Amy brings that same philosophy to her role as a Lead Applications Engineer for the Utility Engineering team. Her main responsibilities include reviewing and updating Utility Corporate Test Procedures, Product Directives, Packaging Directives, and Technical Bulletins.

She also lends a hand with the Utility Team’s Quality Early Warning (QEW) system, creating new tests for manufacturing and supporting the current specification engineers with her technical expertise.

I’ve learned so many things from my experiences, but the most important thing I’ve found is never to take yourself too seriously. Finding the humor in the ordinary makes an enormous difference in how you approach each day, and enables you to take on new challenges with a positive attitude.


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