Engineering the right career fit in manufacturing

Dario Fozibo and Francesco Sapienza, part of the Make It 2017 class of new hires, offer their views on applications, on-the-job training and opportunities that came out of the Prysmian Group career development program for engineers.

“If I had to describe Make It, I’d say: ‘Prysmian has catalyzed a process of constant change and growth – setting itself apart not only in terms of what we make, but in striving to be best in class in how we make it.’ ‘Make It’ challenges you to do both.”


Dario Fozibo

Supply Chain Manager. One of 50 program recruits in 2017, sums up the impetus behind Prysmian Group’s Make It program


In just three years, Make It has proven to be a first-class career development program for manufacturing engineers. Prysmian looks to drive growth in the fast-changing and demanding global manufacturing arena in two ways: by building both its expertise and its operations excellence.

As a global leader in the cable industry, Prysmian offers innovative projects in an international environment. Thanks to Make It, the Group is positioned as the employer of choice for talented engineers looking to pursue careers in manufacturing--from process engineering to maintenance engineering to production supervisors, and everything in between.




For Dario, Make It provided the perfect platform to forge ahead in his career:

“After 10 years in the same company, I wanted to expand my know-how in a new business working in Supply Chain. Prysmian gave me even more; a way to combine my passion of both supply chain and manufacturing. I could see they also invested in people. Taken together, I was convinced it was the right choice.”


From here, it was a few simple steps into the Make It program.

“I had three different interviews: with the agency, key management and Human Resources. They were more like friendly chats, but they helped me realize the advantages of joining the program"


Francesco Sapienza

Automation Engineer


What participants say about MAKE IT?

Discover more about the Prysmian MAKE IT experience by our engineers.

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Step 1 


Dario applied to the Make It program, along with 10,000 other candidates, like Francesco Sapienza, an Italian engineer. After passing an initial screening, they went into the first round of interviews with the Company’s recruitment partner.

Step 3

International On-Boarding

Orientation was followed by 3-months of local on-boarding, including on-the-job training and a job rotation phase geared to offer new hires maximum exposure to various parts of the business. Candidates were assigned a mentor – to further expand their learning curve and gain from others’ experiences in the Company. “I am a precise, detail-oriented person. During Make It, I made sure I did what it took to succeed straight away.”– Francesco Sapienza


Step 2

Make It Induction

Shortly thereafter, Dario & Francesco received word that they had been selected for the program. Their journey into the world of Prysmian Group began with a 2-week orientation divided between the Milan HQ and the Prysmian Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya, Turkey. Here, they were introduced to the Group’s products and technologies and manufacturing processes, through intensive sessions given by senior managers and experienced colleagues followed by an “in-plant” experience.

Step 4

Career advancement

After the initial Make It induction, employees are encouraged to pursue projects within their factories and forge careers through their international network of colleagues and clients. Dario Fozibo found that striving to create a better and more efficient working environment by understanding the needs of those around him was of prime importance to Prysmian Group.

“I’m developing my leadership skills, especially working on relationships with people not directly in my organization/team and often having different objectives than me. At Prysmian, relationships in and out of the Company are key”


Prysmian Group offers its employees in 50 countries opportunities to take part in stimulating projects that are changing the organization of the group itself, such as the Fast Track project, conceived to streamline production and to support a sustainable use of resources.

Make It is just the first step along a wholenew career path – one that will help you reach your goals while working in a business area more aligned with your skills and exceeding your expectations. As Francesco perfectly put it, “Make It was the way for me to deep dive into the new world of cable – and grow right along with it.”

We're looking for people hungry for innovation and eager to make something extraordinary together. Embrace the blue – Join us!
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