From communication to Digital Experience


MAY 2017

Prysmian Group, a reliable and influential voice in a global scenario, launched its new corporate website through an extensive restyling, as an expression of the ongoing Digital Transformation. This evolution further enhances the Group’s identity as a global ground-breaking benchmark, rooted in its local presence in every corner of the world and spread by an involving and open journey through various formats and platforms.

“The new site represents an important stage of our Digital Transformation process”, stated Stefano Brandinali, CIO of Prysmian Group. “It is also an opportunity to tell, from a new and different point of view, the story of what we have been doing passionately for 140 years, thanks to our large international projects, putting people at the center of our stories.”

The new website represents a crucial step in the process of digital transformation


Stefano Brandinali

Prysmian Group CIO


In fact, people centricity means also providing them with a complete, satisfying and enjoyable digital journey: the revamped website includes more efficient navigation, allowing users to move easily across news, stories, factsheets, products information and videos.

A decisive evolution in Prysmian Group’s online presence, conceived to fulfill the requirements of usability of a platform that collects more than 4 million pageviews per year and an average of 140,000 visits per month, in 30 different languages. A huge turnout made by stakeholders, customers, investors and employees that will now have the chance to discover new features on our mobile-responsive website.

We became a global leading company thanks to our people, to their commitment and their ability in providing innovative and suitable solutions for any customer needs. Prysmian Group is a strategic partner in the international scenario and strongly believes in “the human factor” as its main asset.

Thus our new digital ecosystem empowers the employees as testimonials of communication campaigns promoting a sense of belonging that features in their interviews, videos and portraits about Prysmian’s iconic global achievements.

This statement reflects Prysmian Group’s approach, aimed at allowing a better employer branding, brand awareness, customer centricity and business opportunities. We focus on six main pillars: financial soundness, to show our solidity; innovation & sustainability, to underline our state-of-the-art technological level and our commitment to protect the environment; leadership & presence, to highlight our role as a public company on a global scenario; ethics & integrity, to spread the importance of our culture and our values; operational excellence, to emphasize the profile of a company closer to our customers and directed to the future; and people & talent, to make the entire world hear the pulsing of our very heart. As we said, our people.

Moreover, the website was conceived to implement and realize the customer-oriented approach with a new product finder that indexes more than 1,700 products and related services.

“Our customers have always represented our main priority. That is why we chose to leverage on digital channels as a way to keep a constant dialogue with them and with our stakeholders” comments Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate & Business Communications Director of Prysmian Group. “That is the reason why we decided to renovate the structure and the design of our website, providing the users with an innovative experience that could spread, through interesting editorial contents, our values, our history and everything that makes us the world leader in our industry”.


Consistently with this vision, the Investors and Media sections have been integrated with responsive widgets that drive the user to corporate updates, press releases and dedicated financial information. The same fascinating customer experience is now possible in the new People and Careers section   that offers a complete overview of our values: Diversity and Inclusion, smart working and insights that lead people to look for new job opportunities.

Our customers have always represented our main priority. That is why we chose to leverage on digital channels as a way to keep a constant dialogue with them and with our stakeholders


Lorenzo Caruso

Corporate & Business Communications Director of Prysmian Group

And it’s not over yet: the new digital strategy includes all social networks to help creating connections and engagement with exciting contents and daily updates. Take part of our Digital Community because we’re working on even more!