Trains & Trams

Linking rolling stock with the latest in lightweight, flexible cable technology

Trains & Trams

Escalating customer expectations, fierce competition and rapid technological changes are all driving change in the rolling stock supply chain.

Train manufacturers are looking for new solutions in both product and systems development to meet requirements around passenger comfort, operational efficiency, safety and speed.

Advanced on board technology requirements, including enhanced data and power transmission mean a growing number of cables are needed on rolling stock vehicles and carriages, including tramlines, underground and mass transit lines, but also diesel and regional trains.

Prysmian Group is helping to meet train and tram requirements

As the world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, we’re promoting and driving product development and innovation in the sector. How? Minimizing the size and weight of cables and reducing the wall thickness of insulation and outer sheaths. All whilst maintaining or enhancing performance.

We offer a full range of products from medium-voltage to instrumentation cables, from high-temperature to thin-wall designs. Our materials have been specially developed to improve the electrical, mechanical and thermal capabilities, fire performance and life expectancy of the products, using sophisticated advanced technologies.

An outstanding track record

High speed trains for Medina-Mecca
Desiro Austria
NTV/Italo high speed, Shanghai metro line 3&4, Citadis Tramways, Coradia regional trains, Régiolis regional trains, RGV 2N2 high speed trains
Taipei metro, Metro Expo Milano, Vivalto, Metro Lima
NAT (Nouvelle Automotrice Transilien) - Paris suburban train, Régio2N regional trains
MI09 line A (RER)
Metro Belo Horizonte, Metro Sao Paulo L5, Metro Roma, Tramway Birmingham, Tramway Cuiaba, Tramway Sidney
New trains for Ankara Project (Turkey) and Ningbo Line 2 (China )

Inside Trains & Trams

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We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and meet them with a portfolio of products and solutions that evolves constantly to reflect the changing landscape of the train and tram industry.

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Focus On / Trains & Trams

Certifications and compliance

All our cables are produced to the most stringent standards, regulations and directives for the train, tram and rolling stock industries.

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