Current standard network speed levels are about to take a quantum leap.

In today’s data centres, consolidated data traffic is processed in server clusters, storage area networks and routing devices. But the current data rates of 10 Gbit/s will not be able to cope with the future extended bandwidth demands. In fact, the first replacement projects have already begun.

IEEE 802.3 started in July 2012 as a standardisation project for Next Generation Base-T, resulting in a clear roadmap for a twisted pair data cable that supports 40 Gb/s transmission over 30 m-link distances.

Within the draft standard ISO/IEC TR 11801-99-1 are these new standards, with classes I (Cat8.1) and II (Cat8.2) in development. This is offset by the draft standard TIA-568-C.2. for Cat.8.

Prysmian’s UCFUTURE Compact22 Cat.8.2 S/FTP 2000MHz is capable of delivering 40Gb/s.