PFT Solutions

Offering an unparalleled level of service to maximise fluid-filled cable network efficiency

PFT Solutions

Our PFT solutions enable fluid-filled cable operators to locate leaks without de-energising their cable circuits. Crucially, this helps minimise costly network down time and reduces the environmental impact of a leak. Not only that, it can extend the usable life of the fluid-filled cable system resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Utilising decades of experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of fluid-filled cables, we offer an unrivalled suite of essential services, tools, equipment and specialist knowledge required for modern fluid-filled cable maintenance.

We have specialists across the world, including fluid-filled cable-maintenance engineers, high-voltage jointers and oil mechanics, supported by teams of skilled civil workers.

Essential services include: 

  • Injection and detection of PFT 
  • Leak location 
  • All aspects of fluid-filled cable repair 
  • Supply and installation of fluid-filled cable accessories, including transition joints  
  • Electrical testing and fault-finding 
  • Cable jointers and oil mechanics, who are trained in Prysmian’s dedicated jointer-training schools

Our environmental pledge

At Prysmian, we recognise the important environmental benefits of this technology and, as such, are prepared to sell the equipment required in international markets under a license agreement.

We will support new purchasers of this equipment with full technical training. The aim is to build an international PFT-solutions community that shares the advantages of this cutting-edge technology.