Prysmian Umbilicals connect subsea equipment with the surface to supply electrical or hydraulic power, control signals & chemicals and are designed to meet the specific demands of an application. Prysmian offers four umbilical product families:


Thermoplastic Umbilicals

Prysmian thermoplastic umbilicals are used in different configurations to transfer high & low pressure fluids, chemical injection fluids, annulus fluids and electrical power & control signals.


Steel Tube Umbilicals

Prysmian steel tube umbilicals (STUs) offer enhanced performance for more demanding applications and are typically used for chemical injection and hydraulic control applications.


Available in duplex and super-duplex stainless steel, Prysmian STUs offer enhanced mechanical performance, improved corrosion resistance and can operate at higher working pressures than thermoplastic umbilicals for hydraulic lines.


Power / Optical Umbilicals

Prysmian power / optical umbilicals are used for power feed, control, distribution, monitoring and two-way communication between production equipment. They are typically specified for: subsea electrical submersible pumping systems; vertical annular separation and pumping systems (VASPS); subsea multiphase pumping system operational control and data transfer.


Hybrid Umbilicals

Prysmian hybrid umbilicals are specified for complex applications to combine multiple duties in a single umbilical. A hybrid umbilical will typically be built to carry electrical power and control cables, thermoplastic hoses, steel tubes and /or fibre optic cables.