Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTAs)

UTAs terminate an umbilical and provide connections for the electrical, hydraulic, control and chemical services. Prysmian has decades of successful subsea project experience that gives our design teams the ability to respond to each customer’s specific needs. 


Flying Leads

Flying Leads are used to connect subsea structures such as manifolds, trees, UTAs and subsea distribution units. Custom designed Flying Leads supplied by Prysmian are typically used to carry hydraulic, electrical, fibre optic services.


Cobra Heads

Cobra Heads are used to terminate the hydraulic, electrical and other services to subsea production equipment. Cobra Heads generally include a structural frame, hinging stab and multiple quick connect (MQC) plates, super-duplex tubing, and bulkhead style ROV electrical connectors.


Buoyancy Modules

Buoyancy Modules support umbilicals & flexible pipes to reduce local loading and protect them from damage caused by excessive movement. Buoyancy Modules clamp onto the outside of a Prysmian umbilical or flexible pipe.


Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS)

IWOCS are used to monitor and control subsea and downhole equipment during installation, retrieval and workover. Prysmian IWOCS umbilicals bundle hoses and electrical cables together in a single assembly to bring hydraulic fluids, flow assurance chemicals, and electrical signal and power from the control panel on the umbilical reel at the surface to subsea equipment. Our IWOCS umbilicals can be specified with an additional aramid yarn or galvanized steel armoring to provide additional strength when an umbilical is under tension.