Control Lines & Flatpacks

Control Lines & Flatpacks

PDT Control Lines

This range includes cables designed for use in harsh environments such as those created by chemical injection or well monitoring and other applications where strength, corrosion resistance and reliability are essential.

PDT’s control lines are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed ASTM requirements. Control Lines are available from 1/8” to 5/8” with a range of wall thicknesses in austenitic stainless steel, nickel-based alloy or duplex stainless steel tubing.


PDT Flatpacks

This range is designed to simplify installation and reduce the number of installation spooler units required during well completion.

PDT Flatpacks are available in a wide range of configurations with options of single pass encapsulation and dual pass encapsulation for added protection. Individual components and tubes can be color coded and custom printed for immediate identification and if additional crush resistance is needed, bumper bars and /or wire rope can be specified.



The standard Prysmian Downhole Technology flatpack design uses the patented Safety-Strip® encapsulation. A continuous tear cord is incorporated into the encapsulation to allow safe and fast removal of the outer jacket without the risk of damage to the underlying tube and significantly improves operator safety, by eliminating the need to use open blades or similar mechanical devices to strip the cable.