Linking solar energy to the world’s power needs, one cable at a time.

Prysmian Group’s solar PV cable portfolio is composed of three brands:

TECSUN - the premium brand made in Germany with over 15 years of experience and more than 1.000.000 km sold. This cable outperforms the standards for PV cables, is suited for the roughest conditions and for direct burial.

PRYSUN – the newest global brand, developed from our TECSUN knowledge and technological merger of Prysmian Group and General Cable.  It is compliant with European standard EN 50618 and International standard IEC 62930 and is produced in different regions.

SUNGEN – the regional brand primarily for the North American market requiring UL/CSA standards

PRYSUN is Prysmian Group’s global solar photovoltaic (PV) cable, compliant with the most known global standards: European standard EN 50618 and International standard IEC 62930.   

For many years, there has not been an international standard for photovoltaic cables. For this reason, many countries have been using the existing European standard or even cables that are not suitable for PV applications. At the end of 2017, the new IEC 62930, the first international standard for PV cables was issued.

PRYSUN solar PV cables are designed for the interconnection of various elements in photovoltaic systems including panel interconnection, between panels and string boxes or from string boxes to the inverter a photovoltaic (PV) cable.

PRYSUN is the result of the synergies between Prysmian Group and General Cable R&D teams all over the world, a global technology and know-how sharing to find the best solutions with our combined capabilities. Thanks to Prysmian Group’s global presence, PRYSUN is manufactured in different locations and continents throughout the world.

Prysmian Group also offers complete cables solutions to enable the production and supply of solar photovoltaic energy. In addition to the solar PV cables, the Group’s cable portfolio includes low, medium and high voltage cables according to the most known standards of each region, as well as special cables for communication and control. In addition to cables, Prysmian offers electrical asset management solutions with PRY-CAM, the revolutionary technology for on-line, accurate and reliable partial discharge measurements, diagnosis and defect localization.