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Other Plants

With decades of experience in the power generation and processing industry, Prysmian has the expertise, and broad product portfolio to meet a wealth of traditional power generation and substation cabling needs.

Traditional power generation

All power plants require complex integrated power, control and instrumentation systems; Prysmian’s Technergy™ Power Plant product line covers all your cable and service requirements, and includes MV, LV, control, instrumentation and telecommunications cables, and accessories. 

This range also enhances sustainability through lower usage of materials in cable, higher working temperature and special solutions for environmentally-friendly power generation, such as hydro and geothermal.

Some of the many benefits the Technergy™ Power Plant product line and services offers to utilities, contractors, system designers and installers include:

  • Proximity to its customers and end-users
  • Integrated and coordinated contract management
  • Greater product safety in the event of fire, in full compliance with the most stringent national standards
  • Low-smoke, zero-halogen materials 
  • Availability of local product design standards 
  • Cut-to-length service
  • Availability of innovative alternative product solutions
  • Compliance to EU RoHS directive and REACH regulations

Prysmian's Technergy™ Power Plant is a one-stop-shop for meeting the power and communication network needs or your power plant.

Prysmian’s Technergy™ Power Plant range complies with the most recognised national and international standards, including VDE, IEC, BS, NF, AS, IEEE, UL, and more.

Prysmian’s Technergy™ Power Plant product line covers all plant industry cables and service requirements.


Prysmian offers high-quality power and control cables – from 50 V to 1 kV – for utility substations across the world.

They can be used to transform voltage from high to low, or vice versa, for several years after installation thanks to our in-house developed mix of compounds, which allows optimal reliability.

These compounds permit cable resistance to atmospheric agents such as variations in temperature and humidity, and continuous exposure to UV rays and pollution.

Our cables can be also equipped with various types of protection against external shocks and radial or longitudinal moisture penetration, and special outer jackets for protection against termite, rodent, fuel and oil attacks.


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