Prysmian Group to enter the “intelligent home” market

Prysmian Group to enter the “intelligent home” market

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The new PRY-CAM HOME technology promotes increased active power safety in homes

Milan, Italy   -   05/26/2021 - 12:15 PM

Pilot launch in The Netherlands with Sonepar successfully completed


Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables systems industry is entering for the first time the “intelligent home” market with the innovative PRY-CAM HOME technology, aimed at managing and increasing active power safety in homes. Following the pilot launch that has been successfully completed in The Netherlands in collaboration with Sonepar, PRY-CAM HOME is ready to be launched globally. Currently on sale at Technische Unie retailers, PRY-CAM HOME will soon be available in all major European markets and then expand into the rest of the world.

PRY-CAM HOME is designed to support electricians in carrying out the required checks during commissioning, maintenance and periodic controls. Also, PRY-CAM HOME allows homeowners to monitor the efficiency of their electrical systems and actively increase their safety. More a primary good rather than a luxury accessory, PRY-CAM HOME is a unique and cost-effective solution that meets a need identified on the market, resulting from years of know-how and expertise developed in HV & MV power systems’ monitoring and deployed to the residential market.

“Thanks to the strong collaboration between Technische Unie, a Sonepar company, and Draka a brand of Prysmian Group in The Netherlands, we have seized the opportunity to introduce PRY-CAM HOME on the Dutch market. We strongly believe in this innovative monitoring and testing tool for electrical installations in the home that is extremely easy to use both by electrical installers and by homeowners”, said Bas Schröder, Sales Director Technische Unie The Netherlands. “Together we will demonstrate the great value of PRY-CAM HOME and we expect this solution to be part of all future electrical installations. Because safety is important for us all”, he added.

“PRY-CAM HOME marks a milestone for Prysmian Group that enters a new niche consumer market and completes our full product offer for the construction industry”, remarks Francesco Fanciulli, Energy Business Executive VP, Prysmian Group. “With PRY-CAM HOME we promote greater energy awareness and a more sustainable use of electric power in homes”, he added.

More than 80% of domestic fires are due to power system failures. The electrical installation is an invisible component of the home and it is rarely considered subject to wear and aging. As a consequence, its maintenance may be limited, none at all or carried out only following a fault. The need to responsibly monitor residential power safety and efficiency has become, therefore, a fact and PRY-CAM HOME is the ideal solution and the perfect complement to an outstanding product range for the construction sector,

Developed by Prysmian Electronics, the division within the Group and fully dedicated to electronics-based solution for power systems’ monitoring, PRY-CAM HOME combines innovation and technology primacy into an easy to install, manage and use solution that provides extensive and straight-forward information, as well as real-time response, to improve work procedures for electricians and make power safety and efficiency easier for homeowners.


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