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Prysmian Group’s digital transformation journey takes a step further

Prysmian Group’s digital transformation journey takes a step further

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New PIM (Product Information Management) solution as a foundation for commercial strategy

Milan, Italy   -   08/02/2021 - 11:00 AM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has taken a major step further in their process of digital transformation and invested in the Product Information Management solution (PIM) from inriver as a foundation for their commercial strategy.

The organization started their digital transformation journey some years ago, anticipating how the evolving demands of digital commerce would impact their teams, partners, and industry at large. “Digitalisation is at the core of Prysmian’s DNA, and PIM is one of the key pillars to meet our customers’ demands and needs for unique, usable product information to run their e-commerce sites efficiently” stated Rob van Veen, SVP Energy & Infrastructure at Prysmian Group. “Our digital journey will now continue, supporting more and more the transformation from customer centricity to customer proximity’.

As in most large organizations, Prysmian Group had different systems and technologies to manage their vast amounts of product data. Integrating the PIM solution in the Group’s IT landscape will contribute to have a more structured and harmonized way to describe product information and share them with customers, uncovering and exploiting the value behind product data. The solution is already live in 20 countries and involves different Business Units within the Group with expansions planned for 2022.

Inriver’s platform is SaaS-based and helped ensure the reliability and ease of use integrating different systems and technologies across the Prysmian ecosystem. This became especially important as teams worked remotely for extended periods of time, and ease of use and accessibility were essential during the pandemic.

“Thanks to the PIM, now we have a single source and a single platform that collects all our product information, allowing us to talk the same business language. With inriver, we can now apply best practices to our product data to drive our business.” added Stefano Brandinali, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Prysmian Group.

In addition, as consumers become more eco-conscious, they expect transparency across supply chains to be easily found via product information. Sustainability has always been a priority for Prysmian Group, but with millions of products, different suppliers, and partners, showcasing this was challenging at the product-level. Therefore, Prysmian started to embed sustainability data in their PIM (ie the new Eco Cable label) and are planning to enhance this approach further in future.

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