Prysmian Group at the IOTHINGS WORLD conference

Prysmian Group at the IOTHINGS WORLD conference

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The Group presents PRY-CAM: Artificial Intelligence and sensing technologies for the monitoring of electrical grids and assets

Milano, Italia   -   09/28/2021 - 11:10 AM

Fault prediction allows to plan power outages and avoid DISRUPTIONS, WHILE REDUCING FINANCIAL IMPACTS


Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry will be present at the IOTHINGS WORLD conference, leading event entirely focused on the Digital Transformation of Things, that will take place in a hybrid format on September 28-29 in Milan.

Prysmian Group will be in the spotlight with a white paper on data-driven monitoring solutions for electrical infrastructures that will be presented by Roberto Candela, CEO Prysmian Electronics, the division within the Group entirely dedicated to asset monitoring solutions, to provide the audience with insights on how the Internet of Things can support a real change of paradigm in the management of electrical assets through a predictive approach.

According to Candela: "Power systems have become increasingly complex. We can’t just wait any longer for a fault to occur. The only way to effectively protect the continuity of supply of an electrical infrastructure is a data-driven predictive approach. Fault prediction allows not only to plan power supply outages, but also to avoid serious physical damages to an infrastructure and reduce inconveniences and financial impacts to a minimum.".

The need to collect data to understand the efficiency of an electrical system, to ensure its safety and to plan maintenance avoiding disruptions and financial losses has become a fact and it is not exclusive to power transmission and distribution. It affects also more everyday-life applications like domestic electrical systems.

As a recent white paper issued by Prysmian Group proves, the entire electrical power industry is increasingly adopting a new philosophy, with respect to the management of electricity, relying on data gathering and cloud-based real-time data accessibility.

Since 2006 Prysmian Group has been developing, PRY-CAM, a patented data gathering and analysis technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms and sensing technologies, deployed through a portfolio of products and services designed, developed, produced and sold by the Group itself and fully integrated with its cable systems.

Prysmian Group will be the event’s main sponsor. Experts will welcome visitors both at the online stand and onsite. Conference sessions will take place both in presence and online on September 28 at 2.30 pm (Data Analytics) and on September 29 at 9.30 am (Internet of Energy).


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