Filing of a list of candidates for the renewal of the Board of Statutory Auditors 2022

Filing of a list of candidates for the renewal of the Board of Statutory Auditors 2022

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Milan, Italy   -   03/18/2022 - 1:30 PM   -  PRICE SENSITIVE

With reference to the Shareholders’ Meeting of Prysmian S.p.A. (the “Company”) referred to in the notice of call of 2 March 2022, which will be held, in single call, on 12 April 2022, it should be noted that a list of candidates for the renewal of the Company's Board of Statutory Auditors was filed today.

The list of candidates, filed by means of a communication received at the Company's registered e-mail address, [email protected], was presented jointly by the shareholders:

Aberdeen Standard Investments – Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Limited; Algebris Ucits Funds Plc Algebris Core Italy Fund; Amundi Asset Management SGR S.p.A. manager of the funds: Amundi Dividendo Italia – Amundi Esg Selection Dinamico – Amundi Esg Selection Bilanciato – Amundi Esg Selection Conservativo – Amundi Obiettivo Risparmio 2022 – Amundi Obiettivo Crescita 2022 - Amundi Obiettivo Risparmio 2022 Due – Amundi Obiettivo Crescita 2022 Due – Amundi Obiettivo Risparmio 2022 Tre – Amundi Obiettivo Risparmio 2022 Quattro – Core Pension Garantito Esg – Core Pension Azionario Plus 90% Esg – Core Pension Azionario 75% Esg – Core Pension Bilanciato 50% Esg – Core Pension Obbligazionario Misto 25% Esg – Seconda Pensione Garantita Esg – Seconda Pensione Prudente Esg – Seconda Pensione Espansione Esg – Seconda Pensione Bilanciata Esg – Seconda Pensione Sviluppo Esg – Amundi Risparmio Italia – Amundi Sviluppo Italia – Amundi Target Controllo – Amundi Obbligazionario Più a Distribuzione and also of Amundi Luxembourg SA – A-F European Eq Value; Anima Sgr S.P.A. manager of the fund: Anima Italia; Arca Fondi Sgr S.P.A. manager of the funds: Arca Azioni Italia and Arca BB; Bancoposta Fondi S.P.A. Sgr manager of the funds: Bancoposta Azionario Euro, Bancoposta Equity Developed Countries, Poste Investo Sostenibile, Bancoposta Global Equity Hedged Lte, Bancoposta Rinascimento; Etica Sgr S.p.A. manager of the funds: Etica Rendita Bilanciata - Etica Obbligazionario Misto - Etica Bilanciato - Etica Azionario and Etica Impatto Clima; Eurizon Capital S.A. manager of the fund Eurizon Fund sectors: Eurizon Fund - Italian Equity Opportunities, Eurizon Next - Strategia Absolute Return, Eurizon Next - Strategia Megatrend, Eurizon Fund - Equity Europe ESG LTE, Eurizon Fund - Equity Europe LTE, Eurizon Fund - Equity Italy Smart Volatility, Eurizon AM SICAV - Italian Equity, Eurizon AM SICAV - Low Carbon Euro, Eurizon AM SICAV - Obiettivo Controllo, Eurizon AM SICAV - Obiettivo Equilibrio, Eurizon AM SICAV - Obiettivo Stabilità, Eurizon AM SICAV - Obiettivo Sviluppo, Eurizon AM SICAV - Absolute Return Moderate ESG, Eurizon AM SICAV - Absolute Return Solution, Eurizon AM SICAV - Global Dynamic Allocation, Eurizon AM SICAV - Global Equity, Eurizon AM SICAV - Global Multiasset 15, Eurizon AM SICAV - Global Multiasset 30, Eurizon Fund - Equity Small Mid Cap Europe; Eurizon Capital Sgr S.P.A. manager of the funds: Eurizon Am Bilanciato Etico - Eurizon Am Bilanciato Euro A Rischio Controllato - Eurizon Am Flexible Trilogy - Eurizon Am Mito 50 (Multiasset Italian Opportunities 50) - Eurizon Am Global Multiasset 30 - Eurizon Am Global Multiasset Ii - Eurizon Am Global Multiasset Moderato - Eurizon Am Obiettivo Controllo - Eurizon Am Obiettivo Stabilità - Eurizon Am Rilancio Italia Tr - Eurizon Am Ritorno Assoluto - Eurizon Am Total Return Attivo - Eurizon Am Total Return Difensivo - Eurizon Am Total Return Moderato - Eurizon Am Tr Megatrend - Eurizon Am Tr Megatrend Ii - Eurizon Progetto Italia 70 - Eurizon Azioni Italia - Eurizon Pir Italia Azioni - Eurizon Azioni Pmi Italia - Eurizon Progetto Italia 40; Fideuram Asset Management Ireland manager of the fund Fonditalia Equity Italy; Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Asset Management Sgr S.P.A. manager of the funds: Fideuram Italia, Piano Azioni Italia, Piano Bilanciato Italia 50; Interfund Sicav - Interfund Equity Italy; Generali Investments Luxembourg SA manager of the funds: Gsmart Pir Evoluz Italia, Gis Euro Future Leaders and Gsmart Pir Valore Italia; Generali Investments Partners Spa SGR manager of the funds: GIP Alleanza Obbl., GIP Alto Esg Innov Sost and GF Europe Megatrends Isr; Kairos Partners Sgr S.P.A. acting as management company of Kairos International Sicav – sectors: Italia and Italia Pir, Legal & General Assurance (Pensions Management) Limited; Mediolanum International Funds Limited – Challenge Funds – Challenge Italian Equity; Mediolanum Gestione Fondi Sgr S.P.A. manager of the funds Mediolanum Flessibile Futuro Italia and Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia; Stichting Depositary Apg Developed Markets Equity Pool, owners of 9,900,047 ordinary shares (as of today evidenced by bank certifications received by the Company for 6,922,400) equal to 3.69206% of the share capital of Prysmian S.p.A., and composed as follows:


First section

Standing Auditors

Second section

Alternate Auditors

1. Stefano Sarubbi

1. Vieri Chimenti

2. Nicoletta Paracchini

2. Anna Maria Allievi

3. Pier Luigi Pace




The documentation relating to the aforementioned list and to the candidate statutory auditors will be made available to the public within the terms and according to the procedures provided for by current legislation.

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