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“After graduating from university I wanted to work for a company that can make the world and the society more sustainable. I then decided to join a company like Prysmian, a leader in the cable industry. I can proudly say that I directly contribute to the energy transition and digitalization of the society.”

Monica, Build the Future edition #9 (2020)


“The Graduate Program allowed me to experience Diversity in all its meanings, giving me the possibility to foster my career through personal and professional development, also creating a great network of brilliant people.”

Marco, Build the Future edition #6 (2017)


“The Graduate Program has allowed me to broad my network with people from all around the world and have the guidance of very skilled leaders.”

Nicolas, Build the Future edition #8 (2019)


“The program gave me the opportunity to not only build a network all over the world, but also to have a complete immersion in the business. Even now, off program, what I like to most is that I’m still constantly learning and being challenged to see the big picture, as a Group .”

Ana, Build the Future edition #6 (2017)