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We are proud to share our latest news coverage, as well as success stories about our partners, products and the solutions we provide for our customers.

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  1. 18 May 2022


    News Test 18.05.2022

  2. 16 Mar 2020


    Prysmian Group's update on Covid-19

  3. 05 Mar 2020


    Prysmian Group's update on Covid-19

  4. 02 Oct 2019


    Prysmian Group is among the three finalists for IPMA Global Project Excellence Award 2019

  5. 16 Sep 2019

    Corporate Telecoms Multimedia

    Extremely tough: Draka central tube cables, more compact, improved tensile strength.

  6. 13 Sep 2019


    Prestolite Wire – Supplier of the Year 2019

  7. 10 Sep 2019

    Corporate Power Grids

    Leonardo da Vinci: a vessel true to its name

  8. 24 Jun 2019

    Corporate Telecoms

    Prysmian Group takes part in “Networks convergence: Europe in the new era of connectivity solutions” in Bucharest, Romania

  9. 18 Jun 2019


    Prysmian Group ranks among Italy’s Top 10 in Integrated Governance Index

  10. 12 Jun 2019


    Let's celebrate the first anniversary of the General Cable Integration. Together! A year after "Day 1" we are more united