Last Update: January 2018.

Ownership structure by type and major shareholders

The Company's free float was equal to 100% of the outstanding shares and major shareholdings (in excess of 3%) accounted for approximately 19% of total share capital, meaning there were no majority or controlling interests. Prysmian is now one of Italy's few globally present industrial concerns to have achieved true Public Company status in recent years.

Institutional investors by geographical area

The geographical ownership structure shows a predominant presence of the United Kingdom, which represents 26% of the institutional investor total, an increase from 2016, followed by the United States, which accounted for 22%, a decrease from 2016. Italy accounted for around 14% of the capital held by institutional investors, slightly down from 2016, while France's share edged up to 10%. The proportion of Asian investors was basically unchanged.


Source: Nasdaq OMX, December 2017
Source: Nasdaq OMX, December 2017

Institutional investors by investment approach

Approximately 71% of the share capital held by institutional investors is represented by investment funds with Value, Growth or GARP strategies, therefore focused on a medium to long-term investment horizon. The proportion of investors adopting an Index investment strategy, based on the principal stock indexes, was stable compared with 2016, while the Hedge Fund component, focused on a shorter time horizon, increased its weight to reach 5% of the total.