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Prysmian 2021 results: record project orders and sales

Prysmian 2021 results: record project orders and sales

Prysmian Group’s consolidated results for 2021 saw sharp growth in revenue surpassing the guidance previously announced to the market. Sales exceeded €12 bn for the first time, a record milestone, and Adjusted EBITDA grew sharply, with stable margins in spite of significant commodity price increases. In particular, results were driven by the resilience of the Energy business segment and the recovery in Telecom. The group also acquired record orders worth approximately €4.8 billion in the year.

Report: CityFibre FTTP rollout to deliver £38bn in UK Economic Benefits

A report from consultancy firm Hatch commissioned by CityFibre identifies more than £38bn in potential economic benefits over a 15-year period from CityFibre’s rollout of gigabit FTTP. On completion, CityFibre’s network should cover 800,000 businesses, 400,000 public sector sites and 250,000 5G (mobile) access points. According to the report, economic impacts include £22bn in productivity benefits, £4.8bn from a wider workforce, £1.2bn from flexible working, plus £53bn in Gross Value Added (GVA) from 5G services, £16bn from the Internet of Things and £9.3bn from Smart City initiatives - as well as creation of some16,400 jobs.

Global chip shortage may harm USA universal broadband ambitions

A new report from Access Partnership claims that chip shortages can have a significant impact on the communications sector, particularly with regard to costs and planning. The study explains that 7,000 chips in servers, switches, and routers are required for a cable ISP to provide broadband service to a single household.

Supply delays could also mean delays to broadband deployments to unserved communities.

The report recommends a more aggressive investment approach to domestic semiconductor R&D and manufacturing capacity to prevent future shortages.

German government: € 135 m funding for Goerlitz district network expansion

Germany’s government is financing construction of 20,000 high-speed connections in the Goerlitz district to the tune € 135 m. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) will be awarding €27 m from its gigabit funding scheme for the last part of the expansion. With the completion of this project, the district of will have created over 20,000 new gigabit connections.

Eightfold AI: skills gap threatens 5G and open RAN future

In its analysis of a global dataset of 500,000 telecom companies profiles, Eightfold AI found that telecom companies need more employees skilled in areas such as construction and cybersecurity fields.

According to a recent report from the company, 33% of top network engineering and operations roles don’t have the skills to address emerging telecom trends – in particular, 5G and open RAN.

“Many of the most common telecom roles and skills are not currently addressing innovation trends,”

says the report.

“Innovation disruptors are increasing the need for new skills and capabilities in the industry, with a short window to act.”

Eir fibre passes 800,000 premises across Ireland

Eir's gigabit fibre network currently passes over 800,000 homes and businesses across Ireland, following completion of its rural FTTH programme which saw fibre rolled out to 340,000 homes and businesses. Eir plans to deliver gigabit broadband to 84 percent of premises across the country by 2026 and is investing € 500 million to roll out its FTTH network.

Prysmian @ ANGA COM, Fiber Connect Council MENA and FTTH Council Europe Conference

Prysmian is delighted to have taken part in ANGA COM in Cologne, the Fiber Connect Council MENA Conference in Dubai, and the FTTH Council Europe Conference in Vienna.

It was good to see so many partners and clients face to face once again! At all events, Prysmian took part in the official conference program with workshops, presentations and speeches.

At the booths, the group showcased the latest advanced products that meet customers’ evolving needs, including FlexRibbon™ technology, and the Sirocco cable family, including Sirocco Extreme utilising Prysmian’s BendBrightXS180µm single-mode bend insensitive fibre.