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“Donne Controcorrente”

“Donne Controcorrente”

As part of its Diversity & Inclusion activities, Prysmian Group is pleased to support an in-depth study of successful female leadership in the book “Donne Controcorrente, Cronache di leadership al femminile” by Claudio Barnini.  The book recounts the success stories of women who “swim against the tide” and have never stopped reaching for the top. Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Cinzia Farisé tells her story in a chapter entirely dedicated to her life and career.

Through her own words and experience, we will understand what it means to not give up when times are difficult and challenging, when the context is changing rapidly and unexpectedly, because it is precisely in that context that agility, lucidity, an openness to change and resilience are forged. This is a moment that requires a lot of courage: it is the time to contribute to the creation and development of distinctive skills, creating value through positive business models, based on the growth of all human capital. It is the time for empowerment and growth through diversity, to support the development of a system open to new perspectives, driving the capacity to both innovate and cope with the unexpected.

In the book "Donne Controcorrente" we explore with grace and respect the world of women who have had a successful career, but have not stopped having aspirations and goals.

The experiences they share shows that these women feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that “gender quotas” become a thing of the past and that women are chosen solely on the basis of their merit. It is a hymn to gender equality, which means equal treatment of men and women in all social spheres, a fundamental right enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration and at the top of the list of objectives of the European Union.

To buy the book "Donne Controcorrente", please click on this link.

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On April 7 at 18:30 (CET), Cinzia Farisé and 17 other
female leaders will share their experiences
during the online book presentation.
To join, click here!  

Click here to download the invitation (the event will be in italian language)

Click here to download the press release related to "Donne Controcorrente" project

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