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Technology at the service of the rebirth of New York

Technology at the service of the rebirth of New York

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It was a real honor for Draka Elevator, an integrated business unit of Prysmian Group, to work on the reconstruction of the One World Trade Center (also known as the Freedom Tower), the fourth highest skyscraper in the world and the tallest in the Western Hemisphere, with its symbolic 1776 feet (541 meters).


Draka Elevator was chosen as the official supplier of the provided cables and accessories for over 70 elevators that travel at record speed between the 104 floors of the iconic skyscraper.

The number 1776 recalls the year of the United States’ Declaration of Independence, underlining how this skyscraper is the American people’s message to the world that “Freedom is more powerful than fear”.

Life triumphs over fear: this is the compelling message that the futuristic beauty of the building and its vibrant community conveys.

An enormous concentration of energy

Defined as “The best office address in the world,” the One World Trade Center is home to some of the biggest international publishing groups and the most innovative start-ups, as well as restaurants and stores.

Furthermore, every day since its inauguration on November 3, 2014, a massive influx of tourists have flocked here from all over the world. The key attraction is the One World Observatory, located on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors, which provides a 360 degree, panoramic view of New York through the windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

With its record speed and special effects, the lift journey to the observatory is a one-of-a-kind experience.

The five elevators that serve the One World Observatory take less than 60 seconds to travel just over 1200 feet at 33 feet per second and provide passengers with a unique spectacle: a virtual time-lapse video on the evolution of the New York skyline from the 16th century until the present day.

A wide variety of solutions

Draka designed custom wireway and accessories for the 70 plus elevators of the One World Trade Center. In particular, the company provided various types of copper and fibre optic hoistway cables, as well as special wireway conduit and junction boxes. All the parts were manufactured locally at the Rocky Mount factory in North Carolina.

The cables we produced provide power and connectivity: from the buttons in the elevator to the closed-circuit televisions, to the lighting and air-conditioning systems.

In order to satisfy the specific needs of the project, Draka used a variety of standard and split-wireway components, which have all been manufactured to specific designs. We also supplied a variety of electrical and mechanical hardware components, including tubes, wire and stairs.

To make the supply of the materials more efficient, Draka implemented its Extended Factory Model (EFM) program, which foresees the storage of the various components in a Distribution center, which promptly supplies the parts to the client’s building site as and when needed.

“Our participation in the One World Trade Center project is a major reference point for customers for any project. It speaks volumes on our ability to partner with our customers to overcome the engineering challenges.”


Sterrett Lloyd

President, Elevators Business Unit

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