Prysmian, €45 M contracts for a new link in the UK Channel

The Normandie 3 submarine and land cable interconnection will provide electricity to the island of Jersey from France mainland.

Milan, Italy   -   02/19/2013   -  PRICE SENSITIVE

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has been awarded two new contracts worth in total approximately €45 million by Jersey Electricity plc (UK), for the “Normandie 3” project to provide electricity to Jersey in the Channel Islands from the French mainland. This is the third such interconnector to be installed and forms part of a significant 10 year investment program by Jersey Electricity in their transmission network infrastructure.

The project involves supply and installation of a High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) 90 kV power cable connection from France to Jersey comprising of 35 km submarine route and of 7 km of land cable, as well as related network components and specialist civil works on either ends. The submarine cable will be installed in the first semester of 2014 with project completion during the summertime. It is anticipated that the interconnector will eventually form part of the Channel Islands Electricity Grid which is co-owned by Jersey Electricity and Guernsey Electricity and will significantly increase the Islands’ importation capability.

The submarine cables for the Normandie 3 link will be manufactured in the Arco Felice plant (Italy), the Group's centre of technological and manufacturing excellence, development of which has seen the investment of €40 million in 2012 alone. Land cable production will be in Gron (France).

Marine cable laying will be performed by the recently acquired team of Global Marine Energy (GME) that has particular expertise in offshore wind farm connections and is currently involved in major projects under construction in the North Sea. With the acquisition of GME, Prysmian Group has expanded its ability to offer turnkey products and services (including design, manufacture and installation) to better serve the growing markets in Northern Europe and the Normandie 3 project will be the first one to be executed by the new organisation.

Prysmian Group is particularly active in the UK. Recently, it has been named “Investor of the year in the UK” by the British Government for prominent investments and strategic projects in Great Britain. The decision to bestow Prysmian this prestigious award is attributable to the major projects and investments that the Group has undertaken and is currently undertaking in the UK.

In particular, in 2012 Prysmian Group won the contract for the Westernlink HVDC submarine connection between Scotland and England, a strategically important project for the country which will provide extra capacity in the entire UK electricity transmission system. This contract also recognises the Group's undisputed know-how and capability for innovation, as well as representing a milestone not only in terms of economic value, but also for its technological characteristics (with a record voltage of 600 kV and power rating of 2,200 MW).

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