Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Protecting our people at work. Wherever they are. Worldwide

Every day, across all of our locations, our employees will carry out work that is subject to rigorous risk assessments, rules and regulations.

Alongside adherence to best practice, we believe training and information are key in the prevention and management of risk.

We ensure all employees are aware of the implications for health and safety application both in and out of the work environment. Reducing accidents is our priority.

Health and Safety certification

Health and Safety certification

We adhere to OHSAS 18001 health and safety management at all of our production locations.

Protecting our personnel
Each office works to ensure local compliance and sets specific training paths for the their workers, depending on their role, duties, levels of responsibility and working environment.

Providing the right environment
We make sure our employees are safe. Our aim is to ensure all work undertaken adheres to the latest in best practice relating to health and safety.
Before work commences, clear rules and precautions are stipulated. These must be observed and their successful implementation checked. Residual risk is then calculated and measures planned out to further minimise danger.


Providing the right information
We make sure our employees are aware. We go beyond what is required by local legislation with a comprehensive set of education and training programmes that cover:

  • equipment safety
  • proper waste management
  • machine and installation safety during construction and maintenance
  • safety at work
  • first aid
  • fire-prevention regulations
  • the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
  • environmental matters

Measurable health and safety success

We use the IF rate (OHSA LTA) to chart our accident rate.

Measurable health and safety success

Adapting for a safer tomorrow

Every year, Prysmian’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reviews technical evaluations and updated rules and regulations to set out its plan for the future. On-going projects in support of health and safety include:

  • Streamlining analysis of events and the definition of preventive actions. Identify action plans to be used at the Group's other operating units.
  • Training on specific safety issues (with web-based training sessions being provided during the year) taking note of the previous year’s analysis to update the approach across central HR.
  • Implementing HSE health and safety management systems and assessing the safety aspects of new investment.
  • Comparing each location’s compliance against the Group’s central rules and regulations, assessing their suitability for certification.

1 million hours worked without any working days lost to accidents

On 12 April 2015 our Abbeville plant in South Carolina reached an important milestone in worker safety