Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Promote equal opportunities, increase the value of diversity and inspire people

As a company with a distinctly global outlook, our policies reflect the diversities of every country in which we operate, promoting a multicultural environment, while developing a shared common identity.

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Prysmian Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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Diversity is a strategic asset for Prysmian Group, as it allows the Group to create an inclusive working environment, embracing all forms of diversity, making all people feel involved, engaged and respected and providing them with the opportunity to fully develop their skills and talents, in line with the objectives of the businesses.

Prysmian Group belives in its multicultural working environment, reflecting the diversities of each country while developing a shared common identity. This commitment contributes to the growth of the company and of individuals.




Prysmian Group is committed to ensuring equal opportunities, avoiding any form of unfair or unlawful discrimination in employment or occupation and promoting a culture where people recognize the value that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings.

Prysmian Group embraces all the differences of employees’ age, gender, marital status, race or ethnicity, nationality, religion or other belief, sexual orientation, social and educational background, family and care responsibilities and any other form of diversity.

The Group is working on promoting Diversity and Inclusion developing a global mindset through cross cultural understanding and training in all countries.

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Age distribution

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Training ours

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Country and Function

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Promoting a multicultural environment and women’s participation at all organisational levels.

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